CompTIA®A+ Core 2 Exam Notes : Demonstrate proper communication techniques and professionalism

5. Operational Procedure

5.2 Demonstrate proper communication techniques and professionalism

  • You have informed a customer that you would attend to his work at 10 AM sharp. However, due to some exigency, you are going to be late by a few hours. In such a case The customer would be expecting you at the specified time. It is appropriate to call the customer over phone, and inform him that you would be late. Sending an email may not be the best option, since the customer may not see his/her email often. Your colleague may not convey the message to your customer appropriately.
  • If the customer complains that scanner is not working , you need to gather information regarding the problem. For example, knowing that the scanner was working previously, would make troubleshooting much easier.
  • While doing any hardware up gradation on a laptop (such as adding more memory, etc), remember to remove the battery in addition to unplugging of AC mains.
  • A junior technician is replacing a memory card on a PC, but does not have his grounding strap. Having an anti-static work station is the most appropriate solution when working with sensitive components. However, under emergencies, it may not always be possible to wear a wrist strap or have an anti static work station.

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