CompTIA®A+ Core 2 Exam Notes : Troubleshooting mobile OS and application security issues

4. Software troubleshooting

4.3 Troubleshooting mobile OS and application security issues

Mobile security aims to protect personal and business information that is stored on, or transmitted to and from, mobile devices. It relates to all aspects of security, from malware threats to mitigating risk and securing mobile data in case of unauthorized access, theft or accidental loss of a mobile device.

Tools used to troubleshoot mobile OS security issues

1. Antimalware: An essential software for defense against all virus, malware and exploits is a good antimalware program. The mobile platform requires smaller more efficient apps than the desktop versions. Apps like Malwarebytes, Pegasus, and Lookout have both Android and iOS versions. These programs detect malicious programs by comparing it to known malware called signatures. Each particular malware has a specific digital footprint. As the malware evolves it will alter itself and change its footprint to avoid detection. The antimalware signatures need to be updated as frequently as possible to keep up with the evolution of the threats. Also, these applications are able to detect the slight changes that malware makes to itself and have the capability to detect malicious behavior.

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