CompTIA®A+ Exam Notes : Given a scenario, set up and configure client-side virtualization

5. Virtualization and Cloud Computing

5.2 Given a scenario, set up and configure client-side virtualization

A client-side virtualized computer is one that is an instance of an operating system that is managed centrally on a server and executed locally. One key feature of this approach is that while a constant connection to the server is not required for the system to function, the operating system disk image is updated and backed up by synchronizing regularly with a server.

Purpose of virtual machines: Traditionally, workstations can have multiple operating systems installed on them but run only one at a time. By running virtualization software, the same workstation can be running Windows 10 along with Windows server and Linux at the same time, allowing a developer to test code in various environments as well as cut and paste between Vms.

Resource requirements:The resource requirements for virtualization are largely based on what environments you are creating. The hardware on the machine must have enough memory, hard drive space, and processor capability to support the virtualization.

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