CompTIA®A+ Exam Notes : Function Of Components Within The Display Of A Laptop

3. Mobile Devices

3.2 Function of components within the display of a laptop

Most laptop computers require a function key or software command to activate/deactivate the laptop video output signal. Usually, the activation/deactivation command acts as a toggle switch: repeat the command to display the image on the internal laptop display, the external display (projector) or both displays simultaneously.

Examples: Acer: Fn+F5, Dell: Fn+F8 will activate/deactivate laptop/external display.

Function key Function

1. Fn+F3 A panel for selecting a power scheme appears.

2. Fn+F4 Put the computer in standby mode

3. Fn+F5 Enable or disable the built-in wireless networking features and the bluetooth features.

4. Fn+F7 Switching the display output location

5. Fn+F8 Change the settings of the Ultra Navigation pointing device.

6. Fn+F9 Open the ThinkPad Easy Eject Utility screen. Buttons for the following choices are displayed:

7. Fn+F12 Put the computer into hibernation mode

8. Fn + PgUp Turn the Think Light on or off.

9. Fn+Home The computer display becomes brighter.

10. Fn+End The computer display becomes dimmer.

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