CompTIA®A+ Exam Notes : Troubleshoot common problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU,And Others

4. Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

4.1 Troubleshoot common problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU and power with appropriate tools

1. On a personal computer, the general errors and the corresponding failures are shown below:
100-199 : System board failures
200-299 : Memory failures
300-399 : Key board failures
400-499 : Monochrome video problems
500-599 : Color video problems
600-699 : Floppy disk errors
1700-1799: Hard disk problems.

2. Some of the frequently encountered error codes and their corresponding error messages on a PC are given below.

Error Code Error Message
161 CMOS battery failure: Replace the CMOS battery
164 Memory size error : If the error occurs after memory upgrade, run SETUP program. 
201 Memory test failed : RAM chips failed, one or more may need to be replace. 
301 Keyboard error: You may have to check the key board 

3. A toner probe is an electronic test instrument to help trace wires. One part (the tone generator) induces a tone on a pair of wires, and with the other you part (the tone probe) you can detect the tone at the other end to trace where the wires go. You can trace wires through walls using a tone probe, and determine which pair is carrying the signal you induced at the other end.

4. A cable tester is used to verify that all of the intended connections exist and that there are no unintended connections in the cable being tested. When an intended connection is missing it is said to be "open". When an unintended connection exists it is said to be a "short" (as in short circuit). If a connection "goes to the wrong place" it is said to be "miswired" (the connection has two faults: it is open to the correct contact and shorted to an incorrect contact).

5. The main difference between a cable tester and a toner probe is that in the former, you have access to the both ends of the cable at the same time, and you normally to Open or Short testing (to determine right pins are connected), and in the latter, you dont have simultaneous physical access to both ends of the cable. An AT computer will have two interrupt controllers. The second interrupt controller needs to deliver the interrupts through the primary interrupt controller. IRQ2 had been identified for this purpose on the primary and IRQ9 on the secondary interrupt controllers. In other words, IRQ2 and IRQ9 are cascaded.

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