CompTIA®A+ Exam Notes : Various Types Of Print Technologies And The Associated Imaging

1. PC Hardware

1.12 Compare and contrast differences between the various print technologies and the associated imaging

Printers are commonly used output devices that produce a hard copy of document stored in electronic form, i.e they put information from computer on to paper.

There are various kinds of printers available today like Impact printers, Bubble-jet printers, Laser printers, Thermal printers etc.

1. Impact printers are among the old printing technologies, which make use of inked ribbon to make an imprint on the paper. Impact printers are considered noisy when compared to other printers.

The most commonly known impact printers are Daisy-Wheel Printers and Dot-Matrix Printers

2. InkJet is the generic name given for contactless printing using ink. BubbleJet and DeskJet are the names of Cannon and HP InkJet printers respectively.

3. Laser printer : Laser printers are used for high volume work. They are available in black and colour. Toner (powdered ink) is used instead of liquid ink as in inkjet printers. These operate in a similar manner to a photocopier. Laser printers produce images using dots. The image is created using a laser beam and a mirror - lens arrangement on a drum which is coated with magnetically charged toner and then transferred from the drum to the paper. The paper is then fed through a heated fuser which fuses the toner to the paper as ink.

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