CompTIA®A+ Exam Notes : Laptop Hardware And Companents

3. Mobile Devices

3.1 Laptop hardware and components

Hard drives: Laptop hard drives commonly have a 21/2" form factor. The most common form factor for desktop hard drives is 31/2". Laptop hard drives use the same drive technologies as their desktop counterparts, such as serial and parallel ATA. As with desktop hard drives, laptop hard drives are available in both solid-state and conventional varieties. Unlike desktop hard drives, laptop hard drives do not have separate power connectors. Some features are given below.

1. 2.5" drives are more readily available than the 1.8 and a whole lot less expensive. Plus the vast majority of laptops take 2.5 drives. The 1.8 drives are found in some of the 10 inch display laptops.

2. Ultraportable laptops use 1.8" drives because they weigh less and consume less power. However, they suffer from slow rotation speed and access time. 2.5" drives are much better performance wise because they have larger caches and higher rotation speeds.

Displays: LCD screens require a backlight system to operate, there are two backlight systems in use today:

a. CCFL - Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light, is an older backlight method, which utilizes a daylight specter fluorescent tube and an inverter which powers it.

b. LED - is a backlighting system which does not use an inverter, and instead of a fluorescent tube it uses a strip of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes).

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