Cisco® CCNA Exam Cram Notes : Show commands and other related commands

VII. IP connectivity and Services

9. Show commands and other related commands

Show command is extensively used for seeing the status and configuration information of the router. Some of the frequently used commands are:

Show IP protocol: This command will show information on RIP timers including routing update timer (30sec default), hold-down timer (default 180sec). It also displays the number of seconds due for next update (this is fraction of update timer). This command also gives the network number for which IP RIP is enabled, Gateway, and the default metric

following is the output from the “show ip protocol” command

show ip protocol

Show IP route: This command will display the IP routing table entries. In addition, it displays the Gateway of last resort (if one is assigned). It also displays the codes used for various types of routes.

following is the output from the “show ip route” command

show ip route

Show IP interface: This command shows you interface-wise information such as IP address assigned to each interface, whether the interface is up, MTU etc.

The following is the sample output of “show ip interface” command

show ip interface

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