Cisco® CCNA Exam Cram Notes : Introduction to Cisco Switches

4. LAN Switching Technologies

1. Introduction to Cisco Switches

Cisco 2950 switch (CISCO CATALYST 2950 24 PORT SWITCH WS-C2950-24 10/100)

Front Panel: The switch front panel consists of 24 RJ-45 port connectors that support 10/100 Mbps speed and LED indicators as shown in the figures below. Please note that the 2950 series switches come in different flavors and vary greatly in the number and type of ports available.

Cisco 2950 switch Front Pannel 1

Explanation: The switch front panel contains Ports, LEDs and the Mode button.


1. 10/100 Ports : These use RJ-45 Connectors and twisted-pair cabling and they can be connected to 10BASE-T-compatible devices, such as workstations and hubs, or 100BASE-TX-compatible devices, such as high-speed workstations, servers, hubs, routers, and other switches. The 10/100 ports can be explicitly set to operate in any combination of half duplex, full duplex, 10Mbps, or 100Mbps.

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CCNA Cram Notes Contents
  • I. Networking Fundamentals
  • II. Cisco IOS
    • 1. Cisco Router Architecture
    • 2. Cisco Router (25xx series) and its interfaces
  • III. Routing Technologies
  • IV. LAN Switching Technologies
  • V. WAN Technologies
  • VI. Network Access
  • VII. IP connectivity and Services
  • VIII. Security Fundamentals
  • IX. Automation and Programmability
  • X. Appendix
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