Cisco® CCNA Exam Cram Notes : Subnetting

I. Networking Fundamentals

4. IPv4 Addressing

4.1 Subnetting

Subnetting is nothing but creating networks within a network. Subnetting allows an organization with a single IP address (Class A /Class B /Class C) to have multiple subnetworks, thus allowing several physical networks with in the organization.

Addresses are written using decimal numbers separated by decimal points. This is called dotted decimal notation of expressing IP addresses.

The different classes of IP addresses is as below:

Class Format Leading Bit Pattern Network address Range Maximum networks Maximum host/nodes
A N.H.H.H 0 0 - 126 127 16,777,214
B N.N.H.H 10 128 - 191 16,384 65,534
C N.N.N.H 110 192 - 223 20,971,52 254
D Not defined 1110 224 -255 Not defined Not defined
E Not defined 1111 240-255 Not defined Not defined

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CCNA Cram Notes Contents
  • I. Networking Fundamentals
  • II. Cisco IOS
    • 1. Cisco Router Architecture
    • 2. Cisco Router (25xx series) and its interfaces
  • III. Routing Technologies
  • IV. LAN Switching Technologies
  • V. WAN Technologies
  • VI. Network Access
  • VII. IP connectivity and Services
  • VIII. Security Fundamentals
  • IX. Automation and Programmability
  • X. Appendix
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