Cisco® CCNA Exam Cram Notes : Security Concepts

VIII. Security Fundamentals

1. Security Concepts

Vulnerability: The term "vulnerability" represents security flaws in hardware, software, or configuration of a device or process.

Risk: The term "risk" refers to the likelihood of being targeted by a given attack, of an attack being successful, and general exposure to a given threat. As can be seen, risk occurs when both the threat and vulnerability are present.

Some of the threats which are specific to the wireless networks

1. War driving: Wardriving is the act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks by a person usually in a moving vehicle, using a laptop or smartphone.

2. Warchalking: Warchalking refers to drawing symbols in public spaces to denote an open Wi-Fi wireless network in a public space.

Network attacks:

1. Dos(Denial-of-service): DoS attacks, are explicit attempts to block legitimate users system access by reducing system availability. DoS attacks exploit this to target mission-critical services.

2. Social engineering: Social engineering is a skill that an attacker uses to trick an innocent person such as an employee of a company into doing a favor.

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