Juniper® Lab Exercises Exam Notes : Configuring Static Routes

5. Configuring static routes

Description: Configure static route mask with next hop address of

syntax: ip route prefix mask {address|interface} [distance]

prefix mask: is the ip route prefix and mask for the destination.

address|interface: Use either the next hop router ip or the local router outbound interface used to reach the destination.

distance: is the administrative distance and an optional parameter.

Network Diagram :

Configuring static routes n/w diagram


1. Select device R1 from select device drop down box

2. Click Configure button that enables left navigation pane for configure button.

3. Select Routing > Static Routing from left navigation pane

Instruction1 to Configuring static routes

4. Static Routing window appears click Add button

Instruction2 to Configuring static routes

5. Add/Edit Static routing window appears , enter destination address and prefix 24 and next-hop as and click OK button.

Instruction3 to Configuring static routes

6. To view static routing click monitor button that enables left navigation pane

Instruction4 to Configuring static routes

7. Click Routing > Routing Information.

Instruction5 to Configuring static routes

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