PMP (project Management Professional) Exam Cram Notes : Monitoring And Controlling

4. Monitoring and Controlling

Important points on monitoring

One of the most important thing that you do as a project manager is to constantly monitor the project for changes, and take the appropriate action whenever you make a change

Constantly finding new risk is a part of monitoring and controlling process group. Risk may arise anytime of a project. Whenever new risk identified, it should be documented in risk register.

Identify the need for re-planning is done as a part of monitor and control process group.

Reanalyzing existing risk is a part of monitoring and control. The project manager should hold team building activities as a part of execution process.

The project manager can't do anything about the problem until you understand it. He should meet with the client to get a better understanding of what went wrong and why the product is not meeting their needs.

Analyze preventive action to reduce defects in deliverables is done in monitoring and control.

Forecasting is done in monitor and control project work process. It is the process of predicting future project performance based on the current performance to date.

Deliverables are produced as output of direct and manage project work process. It is the process which is performed to accomplish the project work as planned and scheduled in the project management plan.

Perform Integrated Change ensures that only approved changes are integrated into the project baselines.

Work performance information, about the completion status of the deliverables and what has been accomplished, is collected as a part of project execution and is fed into the performance reporting process.

Monitor and control project work process allows stakeholders to understand current state of the project, the steps taken, and budget, schedule and scope forecasts.

Question: The project based on comparative analysis and awareness creation of dietary intakes during pregnancy hired one project manager who can work with departmental manager to deliver our products on time. The deadline for the project is very tight and team needs encouragement to meet their deadlines. The project manager expects to keep really good status meeting notes. When any problem rose, the project manager is expected to communicate departmental head to sort out the issues as soon as possible. Which type of organization project is running in?

Answer: The scenario stands for functional organization where you have to ask functional manager for resources and no one directly reports to PM.

Important points on controlling:

  • When there's a dispute between a buyer and a seller, that's called a claim. Most contracts have some language that explains exactly how claims should be resolved - and since it's in the contract, it's legally binding, and both the buyer and seller need to follow it.
  • Customers can be satisfied even when a project is not profitable customer satisfaction isn't always about money. Rather, customer satisfaction is about making sure that the people who are paying for the end product are happy with what they get.
  • Issue change request and implement approved change request is the function of direct and mange project work process. The project manager is involved in monitoring and controlling project work to meet the project objective.
  • Work performance report is an output of monitor and control project work in which the project manager is currently involved in. Work performance data is the output of previous process and work performance information is an input for this process.
  • Issue change request and implement approved change request is the function of direct and mange project work process of which the project presently involved.

Cost variance: Cost Variance (CV) is a very important factor to measure project performance. Cost Variance (CV) indicates how much over or under budget the project is.

The formula for cost variance is CV = EV / AC.

Cost of quality includes all efforts related to the quality throughout the product life cycle. Training to meet the quality requirements are recognized as the prevention cost.

Philip Crosby popularized the concept of the cost of poor quality, advocate prevention over inspection, and zero defects. According to him quality is conformance of requirements.

Performance Quality assurance: Perform quality assurance process uses data from quality measurements to track the way we work and improve it all the time.

  • The quality assurance process reviews the quality measurement plan and uses the measurements taken in the quality control process.
  • Quality audits are usually done by quality assurance department to look for new lesson learn and good practices that the project can contribute.
  • Perform quality assurance process provides a way for continuously process improvement of all the process Pareto chart, Quality audit, Process analysis is tools and techniques used in perform quality assurance

Quality metrics: Quality matrices are input to quality assurance process.

Quality audit: Quality audit does not include process improvement plan to compare project's progress. The task is normally done by process analysis.

Quality control: A quality control team should have knowledge on prevention and inspection, Attributes sampling and variable sampling and Tolerances and control limit. Performance index is calculated while working with time and cost data.

Control quality: It is the process to monitor the quality activities and record the results to verify performance and recommend necessary changes. It demonstrates that the sponsors and/or customer's acceptance criteria have been met.

The project manager is in the control quality process that tracks quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes. It validates that the project deliverables and works meet the requirements for final acceptance.

Issue log: The issue log is a written document where all the issues are recorded and tracked. When an issue log is created, it provides a tool for reporting and communicating all that is happening within the project and address obstacles that can prevent the team from achieving its goals. Issue log is an output to the process and obtained from plan stakeholder management process.

Personnel administration: Personnel administration policies is an enterprise environmental factor in developing the human management plan.

Question: Adolfo, the project manager for Sci-Tech Startup Incubation project is using Ishikawa diagram with his team members to determine how various factors might have contributed to the projects recent technical problems. Which process Adolfo is in at this stage?

Answer: Adolfo is using Ishikawa diagram or cause and effect diagram to identify problems that have impacted the quality on the project. It is a part of perform quality control.

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