PMP (project Management Professional) Exam Cram Notes : Executing

2. Executing

  • Reevaluate project business case when a severe problem occurs is a part of executing. To do that, a company may use other suppliers, substitute a different material, or seek out energy options, logistic changes, geographical options, or other processing technologies.
  • Keeping managers apprised of when their resources will be needed on the project is a key trick for outcome of any project and it is done as a part of executing.
  • Formal or informal training session can be conducted during the execution of the project to develop the project team. This will make them more productive by improving their skills in specific areas.

Question: While executing project works, the seller's project manager discovers that the project team is working with some scope which is not included in the contract. Which of the below is not true in claim administration?

Answer: Claims should always be resolved by the parties involved. If the parties themselves failed to resolve a claim, it may have to be handled by the alternate dispute resolutions typically following procedures established in the contract.

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