CompTIA® Network+ Lab Exercise : Identifying The Netstat Command From The Following Output

2. Identify the netstat command from the following output

Description: This lab exercise helps you to identify a CLI troubleshooting command.


The figure below displays an output from netstat command.

output from netstat command

Identify the command that results in the displayed output.

Note: Click on appropriate command option to select the same. Use Reset button to reset the answer.


In this lab, the query used is netstat -r. The output displayed by using netstat -r command is shown in the figure below:

output displayed by using netstat -r command

Netstat: The netstat command displays the protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections on the local system. Used without any switches, the netstat command shows the active connections for all outbound TCP/IP connections. In addition, several switches are available that change the type of informationnetstat displays. Table below shows the various switches available for the netstat utility.

Switch Description
 -a  Displays the current connections and listening ports
 -e  Displays Ethernet statistics
 -n  Lists addresses and port numbers in numeric form
 -p  Shows connections for the specified protocol
 -r  Shows the routing table
 -s  Lists per-protocol statistics
 interval  Specifies how long to wait before redisplaying statistics

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