CompTIA® A+ Essentials Certification Exam Cram Notes

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About A+ Certification: A+ Certification is offered by CompTIA®. Undoubtedly, A+ Certification is the most widely recognized certification in the field of computer hardware and Operating Systems. A+ exam is targeted for computer service technicians with at least 6 months on-the-job experience. One needs to pass A+ Essentials exam (220-901), and A+ Practical Application (220-902)


  1 Hardware

1.1 BIOS Tools on a PC

1.2 Motherboard Components and their purpose

1.3 Identify common PC connector types and associated cables

1.4 Various PC connection interfaces, their characteristics and purpose.

1.5 Various memory (RAM) types and their features

1.6 Install and configure PC expansion cards. 

1.7 Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media. 

1.8 Install various types of CPUs and apply the appropriate cooling methods.

1.9 Install a power supply based on given specifications. 

1.10 Compare and contrast types of display devices and their features.

1.11 Install and configure common peripheral devices

1.12 Compare and contrast differences between the various print technologies and the associated imaging

1.13 Given a scenario, select the appropriate components for a custom PC

  2 Networking

2.1 Identify the various types of network cables and connectors.

2.2 Compare and contrast the characteristics of connectors and cabling.

2.3 Explain the properties and characteristics of TCP/IP. 

  3 Mobile Devices

3.1 Laptop hardware and components. 

3.2 Function of components within the display of a laptop.

3.3 Characteristics of various types of other mobile devices

  4 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

4.1 Troubleshoot common problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU and power with appropriate tools

4.2 Troubleshoot wired and wireless networks with appropriate tools.

4.3 Troubleshoot hard drives and RAID arrays with appropriate tools.

4.4 Troubleshoot common video and display issues

4.5 Troubleshoot printers with appropriate tools ad


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