Cisco® CCNP Support : Firewall-1 Spoofing, Server Objects, Log Viewer, Syndefender, And Security Policy

26.0 Catalyst 5000:

In Catalyst 5000 switches, the top slot (Slot 1) is always populated with supervisor engine. The remaining slots can be populated with interface modules. Failure to load the supervisor module in slot 1 will result in boot failure of the Catalyst switch.

27.0 Frame Relay :

The following three LMI (Local Management Interface) type are supported by Cisco:

1. Cisco (default)
3. Q933a

Note that, the LMI type must match on either end of the link. That is on the DTE and DCE ends. 
The command 'frame-relay lmi-type {ansi|cisco|q933a} is used for assigning a specific lmi to an interface.

Important 'show' commands used in troubleshooting Frame-Relay networks are given below:

1. Show interfaces serial - The information provided by this command include:
- LMI type (cisco/q933a/ansi
- LMI DLCI, Keepalives, Network address and subnet mask.
- Shows the interface and line protocol conditions (Normally interface up, line protocol up)

2. Show frame-relay lmi - Provides LMI statistics.

3. Show frame-relay map: This command shows the configured dlci and ip address mapping. 

4. Show frame-relay pvc: This command shows the LMI status of each configured DLCI. The packet stats for input pkts, output pkts, BECN, FECN, DE packet stats are also given.

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