CompTIA® A+ Certification Lab Exercises

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1. Identify the connectors names in a motherboard.

2. Identify the components of an ATX (Micro ATX) motherboard.

3. Identify the components of Mini ITX motherboard.

4. Identifying Base-T Ethernet standards and their names.

5. Identifying speed ranges of 802.11 standards.

6. Identifying the characteristics of various printer types.

7. Identifying the MSCONFIG options and their respective functions/features.

8. Connecting to a remote desktop using windows 7.

9. To share folders with other users on your network.

10. Disabling Startup Programs in Windows 7.

11. Disabling SSID broadcast using the simulator.

12. Configuring Wireless Security on an Access Point (WEP).

13. Connecting smart phone to a wireless network.

14. Connecting smart phone to PoP3 email server.

15. Configuring IP address, subnet mask, default gateway statically on a Windows client ad



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