CompTIA® A+ Practical Certification Exam Cram Notes

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1. Windows Operating Systems

1.1 Installing Windows PC operating systems using appropriate methods

1.2 Features of various Microsoft operating systems

1.3 Microsoft command line tools

1.4 Microsoft operating system features and tools

1.5 Important Windows Control Panel utilities

1.6 Configure Windows networking on a client/desktop

1.7 Common preventive maintenance procedures using appropriate OS tools

2. Other Operating Systems & Technologies

2.1 Important features, and functionality of the Mac OS and Linux operating systems

2.2 Set up and use client-side virtualization

2.3 Basic Cloud Concepts

2.4 Basic features of mobile operating systems

2.5 Configure basic mobile device network connectivity and email

3. Computer Security

3.1 Common security threats

3.2 Common Prevention methods

3.3 Basic Windows OS security settings

3.4 Securing wireless and wired network

4. Software Troubleshooting

4.1 Troubleshooting PC operating system problems with appropriate tools

4.2 Troubleshooting common mobile OS with appropriate tools

5. Operational Procedures

5.1 Given a scenario use appropriate safety procedures

5.2 Demonstrate proper communication techniques and professionalism ad



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