Privacy Policy cares for the privacy of the Web site visitors. We do not collect any personal information about the visitors of this Web site. However, if a visitor wants to communicate with representative(s), contact information is required as given below:

1. Name of the person or Company intending to contact,

2. Email address,

3. Phone number (optional)

Additionally, our Web server provides Web site statistics including the following:

1. Referral URLs,

2. Entry pages, and exit pages,

3. Visiting computer IPs, and country of origin,

4. Key words used visitors for arriving at the website.

This kind of statistics are normally provided by most web hosts. The statistics are used solely for the purposes such as improving the performance of the web site. The visitor information is not sold or exchanged with any external agencies or parties. is not responsible for any external links, and visitors are requested to check with those respective web sites regarding privacy policy. 

If you have any clarification required, please email

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