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Welcome to ExamGuides.com, here you find exam cram notes for a quick review of concepts, required for taking any certification exam. The guides are updated at frequent intervals. Please note that the cram notes is primarily intended for use at the advanced stage of certification preparation.


Exam Code  Description  View Study Notes
70-210 MCSE Windows 2000 Prof. 70-210 exam notes
220-601 A+ Essentials A+ Essentials exam notes
220-602 A+ IT Technician A+ IT Technician exam notes
220-301 A+ Core Exam A+ Core exam notes
220-302 A+ OS Exam A+ OS exam notes
N10-003 Network+ Exam Net+ exam notes
SK0-002 Server+ Exam Server+ exam notes
SY0-101 Security+ Security+ exam notes
IK01-001 iNet+ Exam iNet+ exam notes
640-802 CCNA CCNA exam notes
640-822 CCENT CCENT exam notes
640-816 CCNA ICND CCNA ICND exam notes
640-441 CCDA CCDA exam notes
640-603 CCNP CCDP Routing Routing exam notes
640-604 CCNP CCDP Switching Switching exam notes
640-605 CCNP CCDP Remote Access CCNP Rem. exam notes
640-606 CCNP Support (CIT) CCNP CIT exam notes
SCJP SCJP SCJP exam notes
CCSA CCSA 2000 CCSA exam notes
ID0-410 CIW Foundations CIWA exam notes


Preparation for Certification:
    There are several ways to prepare for any specific IT certification. These methods include:
    1. Instructor-led classes,
    2. Online instruction, similar to distant education, and
    3. Self-learning through books, web resources such as exam guides and practice exams.
Note that the three are not mutually exclusive, rather complement one another. However, based on the previous experience and the present job responsibilities, one need to choose one or more of these learning methods. We suggest, that:

If you are new to the stream of certifications, and seriously looking forward to changing the field of work, Instructor -led training is for you. However, if you want to pursue certification at your own pace, and still want the convenience of being guided through the certification program, Online instruction method is better suited. The choice of most aspirants of certification is self-learning. There are several websites, and study guides that help guide you successfully through the process of getting certified in one or more disciplines such as MCSE, CCNA, or A+ etc. Note that the choice depends on your back ground and future planning. Help of a counselor would be useful, if you are not really sure which certification path is right for you. Coming back to self learning tools, the following need to be considered: 
1. Study guides,
2. Practice exams.
There are several publishers that publish study guides among which Sybex is most popular. Respective exam vendors, such as Cisco, CheckPoint, and Microsoft have their own study guides which may be considered. The importance of hands-on practice is very vital for any serious preparation. Make sure that your have proper access to labs (some online labs are also available for Cisco) or you have a copy of software installed on your computer. If you are preparing for MCSE exams, experimenting on at least two computers is highly recommended.
Several resources are given at appropriate places through out this website. ExamGuides.com is started with the goal of aiding the aspirants of IT certification in fulfillment of their aspirations. We welcome your comments, contributions ( exam notes, tips, etc), or suggestions at webmaster (at) examguides.com.

A recent independent study by CertCities.com on the next big trends in IT certification for 2002 ranks the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) credential No. 1. http://www.certcities.com/editorial/features/story.asp?EditorialsID=37

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Upgrading Window NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Server
1. Ensure that there are two domain controllers, one PDC and one BDC.
2. Take the BDC off-line after forced synchronization with the PDC.
3. Upgrade the PDC to Windows 2000 Domain Controller.
4. Make sure that the network is working properly, and all users are able log-in and access network resources.
5. Connect the BDC back, and install WIndows 2000 Server, so it becomes another Domain Controller.
Note: The above procedure given by the author and ExamGuides.com is not responsible any consequence. Please check official Microsoft documentation before you upgrade.



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